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Focus euroatlantico, 01

Valerio Briani,
Roma, Senato, 8 October 2016, 23 p.
In: Reports for Parliament

The Impact of the EU-Turkey Statement on Protection and Reception: The Case of Greece

Angeliki Dimitriadi
Roma, IAI, October 2016, 9 p.
In: Global Turkey in Europe

The Refugee Card in EU-Turkey Relations

Laura Batalla Adam
Roma, IAI, September 2016, 12 p.
In: Global Turkey in Europe

Syrian Refugees in Turkey: Insecure Lives in an Environment of Pseudo-Integration

Ahmet İçduygu, Evin Millet
Roma, IAI, August 2016, 7 p.
In: Global Turkey in Europe

The Humanitarian Dimension of the Refugee Crisis in Turkey

Bianca Benvenuti
Roma, IAI, July 2016, 3 p.
In: Global Turkey in Europe

Judy Asks: Can Europe Agree on Immigration?

Silvia Colombo
in Judy Dempsey's Strategic Europe Blog, 8 June 2016
In: Other papers/articles

Not all refugees are the same

Lorenzo Vai
in Eastwest, No. 65 (May-June 2016)
In: Other papers/articles

Tangled Connections between Migration and Security in the Wake of the Arab Uprisings: A European Perspective

Tamirace Fakhoury
Roma, IAI, March 2016, 16 p.
In: IAI Working Papers

Moving Beyond Security vs. the Duty to Protect

Sharon Weinblum
Roma, IAI, February 2016, 17 p.
In: IAI Working Papers

Explaining the Crisis of the European Migration and Asylum Regime

Ferruccio Pastore, Giulia Henry
p. 44-57
In: The International Spectator