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Structural Shifts and Regional Security: A View from Israel

Ehud Eiran

In: IAI Papers 20|07

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Can the EU Stand Up to Trump's "Deal of the Century"?

Michelle Pace, Haim Yacobi

In: IAI Commentaries 20|10

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La Dichiarazione Balfour e l'evoluzione del problema mediorientale

Lorenzo Kamel

In: Other papers and articles

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From Findings to Market

Margherita Bianchi

In: Documenti IAI 19|18

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From Findings to Market: Perspectives and Challenges for the Development of Gas Resources in the East Med

Nicolò Sartori, Margherita Bianchi

In: Global Turkey in Europe Working Papers 22

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The Remaking of the Euro-Mediterranean Vision

Aybars Görgülü, Gülşah Dark Kahyaoğlu

In: Global Politics and Security 2

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Contested Multilateralism: The United Nations and the Middle East

Karim Makdisi

In: MENARA Papers Working Papers 31

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East Med Gas: The Impact of Global Gas Markets and Prices

Charles Ellinas

In: IAI Commentaries 19|16

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