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The new civilian CSDP compact. Food for impact

Giovanni Faleg

In: Other papers and articles

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SMEs and access to digital tools. Barriers and opportunities for transatlantic cooperation

Nicola Bilotta, Irene Paviotti

In: Other papers and articles

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Europe: Transition in pole position - The virtue of necessity

Pier Paolo Raimondi

In: Other papers and articles

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Turkey Goes to the Polls: What Lies Ahead for Its Relations with the EU?

Elif Cemre Besgür

In: IAI Commentaries 23|22

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A Treaty Change for the European Defence Union

Nicoletta Pirozzi

In: IAI Commentaries 23|21

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Shifting Paradigms for Israel-Palestine

Akram Ezzamouri, Miriam Zenobio

In: IAI Commentaries 23|20

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Green Deal Watch, No. 9

Margherita Bianchi, Lorenzo Colantoni

In: Green Deal Watch 9

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