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Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems and the Future of Warfare

Adriano Iaria

In: IAI Commentaries 17|30

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Imposing Middle East Peace: Why EU Member States Should Recognise Palestine

Dimitris Bouris, Daniela Huber

In: IAI Commentaries 17|25

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Environmental Factors in the MENA Region: A SWOT Analysis

Mark Mulligan, Martin Keulertz, Musa McKee

In: MENARA Papers Working Papers 4

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Energy and Climate Security Priorities and Challenges in the Changing Global Energy Order

Lorenzo Colantoni, S. Duygu Sever, Suhnaz Yilmaz

In: FEUTURE Papers Online Paper 6

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International Humanitarian Law and the UN Nuclear Ban Treaty

Adriano Iaria

In: IAI Commentaries 17|14

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I Caschi blu della cultura. Il ruolo italiano nel peacekeeping culturale

Giulia Gallinella

In: Documenti IAI 17|15

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Ten Years On: Gaza Blockade Brings Society to the Brink

Mattia Polvanesi

In: IAI Commentaries 17|05

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Future Challenges of Climate Change in the MENA Region

Edgar Göll

In: MENARA Papers Future Notes 7

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G20, Paris raises the stakes on Climate Change

Nicolò Sartori

In: Other papers and articles

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