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Multi-Layered Actions? Sustaining Partnerships in the EU Integrated Approach to Conflicts and Crises

Dylan Macchiarini Crosson, Pol Bargués, Zachary Paikin

In: JOINT Papers JOINT Research Paper 7

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The Routledge Handbook of Europe-Korea Relations

Nicola Casarini, Antonio Fiori, Nam-Kook Kim

In: Books

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Routledge Handbook of EU–Middle East Relations

Dimitris Bouris, Daniela Huber, Michelle Pace

In: Books

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Policy Recommendations for a Differentiated Union: Ensuring Effectiveness, Sustainability and Democracy

Nicoletta Pirozzi, Matteo Bonomi

In: EU IDEA Papers Policy Brief 4

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Qualitative study of drivers and trajectories of mixed migration towards the EU

Asli Selin Okyay, Daniela Huber, Luca Barana

In: Other papers and articles

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Four Scenarios for the Iran

Riccardo Alcaro

In: JOINT Papers JOINT Brief 6

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Europe's Strategic Compass: Merits and Shortcomings

Riccardo Perissich

In: IAI Commentaries 21|57

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Multipolarity and EU Foreign and Security Policy: Divergent Approaches to Conflict and Crisis Response

Assem Dandashly, Hylke Dijkstra, Marta Marafona

In: JOINT Papers JOINT Research Paper 6

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Collateral Damage: How EU Internal Policies Shape Crises and Conflict Abroad

Kristina Kausch

In: JOINT Papers JOINT Research Paper 5

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The future of the EU-UK relationship: from bad to worse to catastrophic?

Fabian Zuleeg

In: EU IDEA Papers Op-ed 14

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