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Geoeconomics of the European Green Deal

Pier Paolo Raimondi, Margherita Bianchi, Nicolò Sartori

In: Other papers and articles

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Playing the Long Game in the South China Sea

Andrew W. Mantong, Steven Blockmans

In: JOINT Papers JOINT Brief 31

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Navigating EU-China Investment Dynamics

Federica Marconi

In: Other papers and articles

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Europe is Stuck Over the Israel-Hamas War

Maria Luisa Fantappiè, Nathalie Tocci

In: IAI Commentaries 23|60

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The EU’s Geopolitical Enlargement

Anna Osypchuk, Kristi Raik

In: JOINT Papers JOINT Brief 30

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Setting the Standard for a Secure Digital Landscape: The Cyber Resilience Act

Ottavia Credi, Michelangelo Freyrie, Federica Marconi

In: IAI Commentaries 23|54

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Diversification, Efficiency, Research, Sustainable Sourcing

Emanuele Esposito

In: IAI Commentaries 23|52

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