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Is the EU lost at sea? The EUGS and the implementation of a joined-up approach to migration

Maria Giulia Amadio Viceré
Brussels, Foundation for European Progressive Studies (FEPS), November 2018, 9 p. (EU Global Strategy Watch ; 5)
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Policy Relevant Scholarship? The Value of Creating, Framing and Storytelling

Nathalie Tocci
Barcelona, CIDOB, December 2018, 7 p. (EU-LISTCO Policy Paper Series, No. 2)
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Assessing EU–Mediterranean Policies in the Field of Energy from a Bottom-up Perspective: The Case of Egypt

Margherita Bianchi, Lorenzo Colantoni, Federico Mascolo [...]
Rome, IAI, December 2018, 33 p.

Varieties of Banking Union: Resolution Regimes and Backstops in Europe and the US

Silvia Merler
Rome, IAI, December 2018, 19 p.
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Assessing EU–Mediterranean Policies in the Field of Energy from a Bottom-up Perspective: The Case of Lebanon

Jean-Yves Moisseron, Khaled Guesmi
Rome, IAI, December 2018, 27 p.

Political values in Italy's China policy: A "constructive approach"

Nicola Casarini, Lorenzo Mariani, Fabio Angiolillo
in Tim Nicholas Rühlig et al. (eds), Political values in Europe-China relations. A Report by the European Think-tank Network on China (ETNC), Stockholm, The Swedish Institute of International Affairs, December 2018, p. 51-53
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Digital Regulations and the Risk of a Securitized Internet

Kevin Kalomeni
Rome, IAI, December 2018, 5 p.
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Financing EU external action: Understanding member state priorities

Bernardo Venturi
ETTG Publications, December 2018, 15 p. (with Clare Castillejo, Oscar Chmiel, Mariella Di Ciommo, Juha Jokela, Niels Keijzer, Erik Lundsgaarde, Iliana Olivié, Aitor Perez, Sanne Thijssen, Julie Vaille, Zsuzsanna Vegh)
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European Industrial Policies in Tunisia: A Bottom-up Assessment

Khaled Guesmi, Jean-Yves Moisseron
Rome, IAI, December 2018, 38 p.