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Erbil Sends Oil, Ankara Gets Trouble

Olgu Okumuş

In: IAI Working Papers 14|02

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Second Revolution on Euromaidan

Nona Mikhelidze

In: IAI Working Papers 14|03

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Judy Asks: Is Now the Time to Solve the Cyprus Dispute?

Nathalie Tocci

In: Other papers and articles

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Turkey's Energy Strategy and its Role in the EU's Southern Gas Corridor

Erkan Erdogdu

In: IAI Working Papers 1401

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Anna Triandafyllidou

In: Global Turkey in Europe Commentary 10

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Europeanization, Framing Competition and Civil Society in the EU and Turkey

Ayhan Kaya, Raffaele Marchetti

In: Global Turkey in Europe Working Paper 6

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The EU and Turkey's Asylum Policy in Light of the Syrian Crisis

Juliette Tolay

In: Global Turkey in Europe Policy brief 10

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The Potential Role of Turkey in a Globalising Gas Market

Mehmet Doğan Üçok

In: Global Turkey in Europe Policy Brief 9

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EU-Turkish Energy Relations in the Context of EU Accession Negotiations

David Koranyi, Nicolò Sartori

In: Global Turkey in Europe Working Paper 5

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