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Vol. 53, No. 4, December 2018


How the Snowden Revelations saved the General Data Protection Regulation

Agustín Rossi

In: The International Spectator 53/4
Vol. 53, No. 4, December 2018

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Digital Regulations and the Risk of a Securitized Internet

Kevin Kalomeni

In: IAI Commentaries 18|66

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Shifting Borders and New Technological Frontiers: The Case of Italy

Jean Pierre Darnis

In: IAI Commentaries 18|46

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Europe's Dependence on Critical Raw Materials

Francesco Paron

In: IAI Commentaries 18|45

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L'accesso allo spazio, settore strategico per l'Italia e l'Europa

Jean Pierre Darnis, Michele Nones

In: Documenti IAI 18|17

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The New Space Economy, An Opportunity for Italy?

Jean Pierre Darnis

In: IAI Commentaries 18|36

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Strategie a confronto tra Usa, Russia e Cina

Jean Pierre Darnis, Cristian Barbieri, Carolina Polito

In: Other papers and articles

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Non-proliferation Regime for Cyber Weapons

Cristian Barbieri, Jean Pierre Darnis, Carolina Polito

In: Documenti IAI 18|03

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Access to Space: Challenges and Policy Options for Europe

Jean Pierre Darnis

In: IAI Commentaries 18|16

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