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Chinese Official Geopolitical Cartographies and Discursive Constructions of the Mediterranean

Jordi Quero
Roma, IAI, June 2017, 28 p.

Moving Forward the EU-India Security Dialogue

Nicola Casarini, Stefania Benaglia, Sameer Patil,
Roma, Nuova Cultura, May 2017, 172 p.
In: Books

OrizzonteCina, vol. 8, n. 1, gennaio-febbraio 2017

Roma, IAI ; Torino, T.wai, February 2017, 16 p.
In: OrizzonteCina

Strategie in evoluzione tra Pyongyang e Washington

Lorenzo Mariani
in Airpress, n. 77 (aprile 2017), p. 12-13
In: Other papers/articles

Trump's Foreign Policy in Asia

Giuseppe Spatafora
Roma, IAI, April 2017, 8 p.
In: Documenti IAI

Whither the inter-Korean Dialogue?

Antonio Fiori
Roma, IAI, March 2017, 18 p.
In: IAI Working Papers

More Than a Trading Power

Nicola Casarini
Roma, IAI, March 2017, 19 p.
In: IAI Working Papers

Assessing North Korea's Nuclear and Missile Programmes: Implications for Seoul and Washington

Lorenzo Mariani
Roma, IAI, March 2017, 18 p.
In: IAI Working Papers

Trust Building and Regional Identity in Northeast Asia

Nam-Kook Kim
Roma, IAI, March 2017, 17 p.
In: IAI Working Papers

How China's New Silk Road Threatens European Trade

Jonathan Holslag
p. 46-60
In: The International Spectator