Publications > Security and defence, NATO

Cyber Defence in NATO Countries: Comparing Models

Alessandro Marrone, Ester Sabatino
Rome, IAI, February 2021, 36 p.
In: IAI Papers

Reviewing NATO's Non-proliferation and Disarmament Policy

Katarzyna Kubiak
Rome, IAI, February 2021, 17 p.
In: IAI Papers

NATO's Role in Nuclear Non-Proliferation and Arms Control: A (Critical) History

Leopoldo Nuti
Rome, IAI, January 2021, 40 p.
In: Documenti IAI

Unlocking European Defence

Arnout Molenaar
Rome, IAI, January 2021, 25 p.
In: IAI Papers

NATO's Current and Future Support for Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-proliferation

Rose Gottemoeller, Steven Hill
Rome, IAI, December 2020, 17 p.
In: IAI Papers

Nuclear Risk Reduction: Looking Back, Moving Forward, and the Role of NATO

Wilfred Wan
Rome, IAI, December 2020, 23 p.
In: IAI Papers

La difesa cibernetica nei Paesi NATO: modelli a confronto

Alessandro Marrone, Ester Sabatino
Rome, Senate, December 2020, 34 p.
In: Reports for Parliament

NATO toward 2030: a resilient Alliance and its main priorities

Ottavia Credi, Alessandro Marrone, Roberto Menotti
Rome, Aspen Institute Italia, November 2020, 10 p.
In: Other papers/articles

NATO's Future: Euro-Atlantic Alliance in a Peacetime War

Alessandro Marrone, Karolina Muti
Rome, IAI, October 2020, 21 p.
In: IAI Papers

Europe of Defence in the New World (Dis)Order: Choices for Italy

Ester Sabatino, Alessandro Marrone
Rome, IAI, November 2020, 17 p.
In: Documenti IAI