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The Weaponisation of Finance and the Risk of Global Economic Fragmentation

Nicola Bilotta

In: IAI Commentaries 22|19

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Putting Development at the Centre of G20 Policy Agenda: Lessons for the T20

Daniele Fattibene, Alice Fill

In: IAI Papers 22|05

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Paving the Way for Greener Central Banks

Nicola Bilotta, Fabrizio Botti

In: IAI Research Studies 8

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A G7/G20 Pact for Sustainable Urbanisation?

Nicolas J.A. Buchoud, Michael Keith, Susan Parnell

In: IAI Commentaries 22|09

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A Digital Euro in Search of an Identity

Franco Passacantando

In: IAI Commentaries 22|05

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Bringing the voice of the Least Developed Countries into the G20 policy agenda

Daniele Fattibene

In: Other papers and articles

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Lessons from the T20: Five Priorities for Italian Infrastructure Investment

Fulvio Bersanetti, Nicola Bilotta, Raffaele Della Croce

In: IAI Commentaries 22|01

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