Philippe Droz-Vincent

A Post-Revolutionary Egyptian Foreign Policy?

Philippe Droz-Vincent
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In: Op-Med

A Return of Armies to the Forefront of Arab Politics?

Philippe Droz-Vincent
Roma, Istituto Affari Internazionali, July 2011, 10 p.
In: IAI Working Papers

Authoritarianism, Revolutions, Armies and Arab Regime Transitions

Philippe Droz-Vincent
p. 5-21
In: The International Spectator

Transition to What

Daniela Pioppi,
Washington, German Marshall Fund of the United States, 2011, 83 p.
In: Mediterranean Papers

Islamist Mass Movements, External Actors and Political Change in the Arab World

Rosa Balfour, Daniela Pioppi,
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In: Books

The Arab State and Neo-Liberal Globalization

Laura Guazzone, Daniela Pioppi,
Reading, Ithaca Press, May 2009, xii, 388 p. / Cairo/New York, The American University in Cairo Press, September 2009, xii, 388 p.
In: Books