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Transatlantic Security Symposium - 2. ed.

2009 - 2009

The second edition of the Transatlantic Security Symposium took place in Rome on June 22, 2009. The conference focused on US-Europe-Russia Security Relations: Towards a New Compact?. IAI brought together experts from the US, Europe, and Russia to discuss such issues as the evolution of Europe’s security space; arms control, nuclear forces reductions, missile defence, and nuclear non-proliferation; and energy security. The goal was to clarify whether the conditions exist for renewing the security partnership between the US and Europe on the one side and Russia on the other. Three papers by Vladimir Baranovski from IMEMO of Moscow, James Sherr from London’s Chatham House, and Andrew Kuchins from CSIS of Washington, DC, were presented and discussed during the conference. IAI contributed a background paper by Riccardo Alcaro and Emiliano Alessandri, Re-setting US-EU-Russia Relations. Moving Beyond Rhetoric (see Documenti IAI 0919). A revised version of Baranovski and Sherr's papers has been published in The International Spectator (Vol. 45, No. 2, June 2010) Italy’s Chief of Staff, Vincenzo Camporini, and NATO Assistant Secretary General for Defence and Policy Planning, Jiří Šedivý, delivered a speech.

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