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Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa - Curricular internships - 2022-23

Eligibility criteria

The applicant must be a student enrolled, during the internship in the final year of a Master’s degree in one of the following areas: International Relations, Political Science or related disciplines.

Three months, from September to December 2022, from January to April 2023 and from May to July 2023.


  • Strong interest in and knowledge of the historical, political, social and economic dynamics of the countries on the eastern and southern shores of the Mediterranean and/or the countries of the Horn of Africa, Sahel, Sub-Saharan Africa and of the main lines of the Italian foreign policy in these areas;

  • Good understanding of the relations between the European Union, Itlay and the countries on the eastern and southern shores of the Mediterranean and/or the countries of the Horn of Africa, Sahel, Sub-Saharan Africa;

  • Knowledge of and/or strong interest in one or more of the following topics would be an asset: post-conflict transition in Libya; EU-Turkey relations; mediation and conflict dynamics in the Horn of Africa; gender, peace and security; diplomacy and peacebuilding; Italian foreign policy in the enlarged Mediterranean;

  • Proficiency in English (spoken and written); knowledge of a language spoken in the region (Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Turkish, etc.) will be considered an asset; knowledge of Italian is not required but preferred;

  • Ability to analyse, summarise and write short notes and articles;

  • Adequate computer skills (Office package, Web);

  • An internship agreement between the University (or other relevant institution) and the Istituto Affari Internazionali (already stipulated or to be created).


Candidates must apply by Wednesday, 30 June 2022 by e-mail at programma-med(at) (ref.: Stage-Med-2022-23). Applications must include a CV. Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview to be held between 13 and 15 July 2022 at IAI or remotely (e.g. via Skype).


The intern will be involved in different research activities according to the needs of the ongoing projects of the Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa Programme. The candidate will be asked to carry out research (using different sources: web, specialised journals, press, official documents) and in-depth studies, presenting, when requested, briefs/memos for internal use. Interns will also be asked to write a book review in English for the blog of the IAI English-language journal, The International Spectator, or the IAI online magazine, Alongside research, the intern must be available to perform other tasks necessary for the implementation of research projects (translations, gathering of documentation etc.). The intern will also participate in conferences and seminars organised by IAI.

Terms & Conditions

Please note that this is an unpaid internship.
The selected candidate will be offered the opportunity to attend one of the training courses of the Institute free of charge. The chosen course must start within a year of the start of the internship. If the chosen course coincides in whole or in part with the internship, hours of attendance are not to be considered part of the internship.

The internship could be carried out either in person or on a remote working basis - conditional on the agreements reached at the interview; priority will be given to candidates who are available to work in person.