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Italy, Europe & the World: Revival and Transition

Italy, Europe and the world face epochal challenges. Italy is grappling with its plans for economic recovery that, thanks to EU Next Generation, may reverse a two-decades long decline. Greater fiscal solidarity gives the EU the chance to turn the covid crisis into the proverbial opportunity to strengthen the integration process.

The conference "Italy, Europe and The World: Revival and Transition" took place on July 8, 2021 from 17.00 to 19.15 to celebrate IAI's 55th anniversary and was live-streamed on our YouTube channel.

The welcome remarks and the opening speech were hold in Italian respectively by Ferdinando Nelli Feroci (President, IAI) and Luigi Di Maio (Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation). Claudio Descalzi (Chief Executive Officer, ENI) and Alessandro Profumo (Chief Executive Officer, Leonardo Spa) discussed the I session "Energy, technology and economic recovery" that was moderated by Nathalie Tocci (Director, IAI) in Italian. The keynote speech (in English) was introduced by Nicoletta Pirozzi (Head of the EU, politics and institutions program, and institutional relations manager, IAI) and discussed by Enrico Giovannini (Minister of sustainable infrastructures and mobility).

Rosa Balfour (Director, Carnegie Europe, Brussels) moderated the II session “What happened to Geopolitical Europe?" (in English). It was discussed by Thomas Gomart (Director, French Institute of International Relations - IFRI, Paris) and, via Skype, by Cathryn Clüver Ashbrook (Director and CEO, German Council on Foreign Relations - DGAP, Berlin) and Robin Niblett (Director and Chief Executive, Chatham House - the Royal Institute of International Affairs, London). The conference was concluded by Ottavia Credi (Junior Researcher, IAI).

Working languages: Italian and English (no simultaneous translation).

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