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IAI Prize 2023 - Kicking off again

The IAI Prize “Young Talents for Italy, Europe and the World" is a competition aimed at young people under 26, university students and fresh graduates.

This sixth (2023) edition’s topic is: "How to escape the energy crisis by reconciling security and the transition?".

Sadly, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has exposed the energy vulnerability of many European states dependent on Moscow for their supplies of fossil fuels, especially gas. In 2022, many countries began to reorient their trade ties along the lines of political and security logics, forging new alliances and strengthening traditional ones in an attempt to end their long-standing energy relationship with Russia. The issue of security of supply has thus once more become a priority in Europe, and the EU has attempted to strengthen its energy integration and encourage solidarity among member states despite their different energy mixes, different levels of hardship and different capacities to face the crisis. Brussels is, at the same time, determined to strengthen its climate leadership, strengthening its path to decarbonization and energy efficiency. Indeed, the energy transition should be read from a security as well as an environmental perspective: today’s crisis reminds us of the unsustainability of our dependence on fossil fuels and the need to move towards a cleaner, more accessible and safer energy system. Yet the challenge of reconciling infrastructure measures and plans to strengthen our energy security, with the EU’s Green Strategy in mind, is not straightforward. Furthermore, Europe’s renewed demand for new sources of gas risks limiting the effectiveness of Brussels’ climate diplomacy globally.

We are looking to reading and hearing your thoughts in participating in the sixth edition of the IAI Prize!

To join the competition send an essay and/or a video, in English or Italian, to IAI by June 11, 2023 (new deadline!).


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