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IAI 2021 Prize Finalists shortlisted

The finalists of the fourth edition of the IAI Prize "Young talents for Italy, Europe and the world" have been shortlisted. Their essays on the future of the post-pandemic world - the theme was "The Post-Covid World, Europe and I" - will be published in one of the IAI editorial series. The winners will have the opportunity to discuss their ideas in a public meeting with personalities from the political, cultural and scientific world.

"University students and fresh graduates" category:

  1. Roberto Baccarini
  2. Irene Paviotti
  3. Sonia Bianconi
  4. Nicolò Miotto
  5. Irene Alacqua
  6. Sen Cicalò Ikeda

"High school students" category:

  1. Chiara Andreazza
  2. Filippo Capraro
  3. Lorenzo Pastorelli