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Seminar with Andrew Budd, Head Defense Capabilities Section, Defense Policy and Planning Division, NATO. The seminar was organised by the IAI within the framework of the project Defence Matters....


Italy’s contribution to the anti-ISIS coalition will increase to 750 men”, noted Italian Defence Minister, Roberta ...


IAI, in cooperation with NATO, is organising four events in seven weeks on key issues in transatlantic...


Seminar on "Managing change: NATO’s partnerships and deterrence in a globalized world", organised by IAI in cooperation with NATO Allied Command Transformation, Norfolk and...


IAI-BASIC (British American Security Information Council, Londra) roundtable on NATO’s Nuclear Posture and Burden Sharing Arrangements: an Italian Perspective.


Produced in the context of the Defence Matters project, a IAI study analyses the relationship between Italy and NATO with a specific focus on...


Conference on “Gli interessi nazionali e la Nato: dalle missioni alla trincea?”, in the framework of the Defence Matters 2014 research project


Conference on "Montenegro's Road to NATO and the EU and Its Role in the Balkans" with Igor Luksic, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs


Transatlantic security symposium 2012: Potential and challenges of EU-US relations with the Gulf Cooperation Council