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The seminar on Azerbaijan's Energy Diplomacy and Western Competition over Caspian Gas, which the IAI held in Rome on 2 November 2011 at the Palazzo de Carolis, was part of the project South...


Balancing interests and values – acquiring energy resources and promoting human rights – is the crux of relations between the EU and Central Asia, whose huge natural resources reserves, especially...


Today’s world is in great need of effective, legitimate and innovative forms of global governance in order to channel an increasingly multipolar international system towards constructive forms of...


International seminar on "Morocco’s Role in Fostering Euro-Mediterranean Energy Cooperation", within the IAI-OCP partnership


International conference on "Italy’s perspectives on forging a new EU-North Africa energy pact", in cooperation with Enel Foundation


IAI-Consules seminars on the Italian foreign policy


If European governance is a much-voiced problem, echoed in every building of the Union's institutions, the energy sector is not much different. During these six months of the Italian Presidency of...


Closed-door seminar on "EU-Turkey Energy Cooperation in the Neighbourhood"


Just a few days after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Italy, Albania and Greece in support of the realization of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), and prior to the...


The conference, The EU and North Africa on Energy and Migration: What Prospects after the Arab Spring?, held at the European Commission Representation in Rome, is part of the...