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Women and Leadership in International Relations - 2.ed

15/11/2023 - 17/11/2023, Online training course

The centrality of the role of women in decision-making processes and in participating in strategies and in the construction of international policies has gained increasing importance over the last few years. Furthermore, Resolution 1325 on "Women, Peace and Security", unanimously approved by the United Nations, has laid important foundations for the involvement of women's civil society in the prevention and resolution of conflicts. This is now happening at various levels (from government circles to the world of the third sector) and through constantly changing dynamics which, once integrated into standard processes, have proven to bring inclusive and virtuous perspectives, intuitions and approaches.

However, the impact of today's global crises (from the Covid-19 pandemic, to the war in Ukraine, to resource scarcity for developing countries) is amplifying gender inequalities in all societies and particularly in contexts affected by conflicts.

The IAI course "Women and Leadership in International Relations", thanks to the collaboration with WIIS (Women in International Security) Italy, aims to promote the professional development of women, providing participants with theoretical and practical tools and integrating studies on social processes with those of gender. It also wants to explore, going beyond cultural stereotypes and preconceptions, the opportunities and challenges that women have to face on the international scene, to deconstruct the transmission system of inequalities and understand contemporary changes.

The course, open to all gender identities, has the following objectives:

  • provide the tools needed to understand and explain gender dynamics;
  • transfer skills and practical strategies to strengthen visibility and assertiveness in their leadership;
  • analyze specific case studies (related to issues such as migration, climate change, food security and the links between these issues) and explore the role of women in international contexts, especially in government organizations and NGOs;
  • strengthen the analytical skills of the participants, integrating the theoretical and analytical tools of International Relations with the critical sensitivity of gender studies.

The course is aimed at students, recent graduates and professionals with a social science background (Political Science, Economics, Law) or with a specific interest in gender dynamics and issues. It will be held in Italian (with the possibility of some modules in English) every day (in the afternoon slot) from 15 to 17 November 2023.

The course has a limited number of participants and the maximum number of participants is 25. The Institute reserves the right to postpone the training activities if the minimum number of participants for the start of the course is not reached. Assistance and tutoring will be provided for the participants.

To participate, it is necessary to fill in the online registration form attaching the curriculum vitae.

The registration fee is € 349,00 (VAT included).

For IAI Junior Members and Lazio Youth Card holders there is a 10% discount.
For Ministry of Defense Employees or by submitting an "Early Application" to the courses that make up the Advanced Certificates of the I and II Semesters, there is the possibility of a 15% discount on the total fee, against immediate enrolment to be paid in a single payment

Thanks to the contribution of the Compagnia di San Paolo Foundation, two scholarships are also provided to cover the entire enrollment fee, to be paid based on income and merit. Please refer to the regulation  (IT) for all the details relating to the request and the award of the scholarships. To apply for the scholarship, it is necessary to fill in the online form.

The course in “Women and Leadership in International Relations” is part of the Advanced Certificate in “Gestione delle Crisi Internazionali” and of the Advanced Certificate for International Careers, an in-depth and detailed path on the methodologies and practices of intervention in crisis and conflict contexts.

Attending courses at the Istituto Affari Internazionali means coming into contact with experts and researchers on international politics topics and having the opportunity to be involved in the Institute’s future activities dedicated to young people.

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