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Uso dei droni: rischi e opportunità

01/12/2020, online

In recent years, the proliferation of dual-use drones has increased the intensity of the hybrid and asymmetric threat these products may pose. The high level of technology achieved by dual-use drones affects both national security and that of personnel employed in out-of-area missions. In this context, there is the necessity of a procedural and normative adaptation and of a constant attention to both technological innovation and to the modalities to counter dual-use drones.

During the web meeting, the IAI study “La minaccia dei droni duali e le sfide per l’Italia” was presented. Following the presentation, the interventions of the Chief of Staff of the Italian Army, General Salvatore Farina, of Chief of Staff Italian Airforce, General Alberto Rosso, and of the Managing Director of the Electronics Division, Leonardo Italy, Engineer Marco De Fazio.

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