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The US, China, and Italy: How to Preserve Atlantic Solidarity Amid The Belt and Road

09/04/2019, Rome, Via Marco Minghetti, 30/A

In recent years, China has become a major economic and diplomatic player in Europe through what it calls "One Belt, One Road." With Italy the first major Western power to sign a Belt and Road memorandum with Beijing, it is clear that China's political and economic influence is expanding into Europe. The Belt and Road poses both opportunities and challenges, particularly for the solidarity of the transatlantic relationship as well as the internal cohesion of the European Union.

As Rome looks to partner with Beijing on the Belt and Road, it would do well to learn from the challenges associated with earlier Chinese infrastructure projects. Join Zack Cooper and Kristine Lee, co-authors of a new report on grading China's Belt and Road by the Center for a New American Security (CNAS). They will discuss the strategic agenda underlying the Belt and Road, unveil the results of a worldwide assessment of Chinese infrastructure projects, and address how Italy should proceed in order to avoid the mistakes of other countries that have received Chinese investment.

Conference organised in cooperation with the Center for a New American Security.

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