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Technologies to fight global deforestation: the case of Indonesia

16/11/2023, Webinar - h. 11:00 CET

This is a key time to protect global forests. While pressure is still strong on many of key global ecosystems, such as the Amazon and Borneo, the significant results of governments such as Lula’s Brazil, as well as the ambitious vision of policies such as the recently enacted EU’s Deforestation-Free Regulation (EUDR) show that the devastating trend of deforestation of the past decades can indeed be reversed. Technologies can play a key role in this: not only well-known tools, such as satellite imagery and drones, but also experimental ones – DNA and isotope analysis and networked sensors, for instance. The event will investigate the applications of such instruments, their novelty and the obstacles faced in their usage, with specific reference to Indonesia as a case study. The event will feature extensive information and video and photo material collected on the field in Sumatra, Borneo and Java.

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