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L’Italia e la sua politica estera

20/07/2021 - 21/07/2021, Online course

The last few years of Italian foreign policy have coincided with a period of profound geopolitical changes, characterized by numerous moments of international tension and appointments of crucial strategic importance (think, for example, of the Italian Presidency of the G20 and the partnership with the United Kingdom for the Cop26). Moreover, the Middle East and Mediterranean represent a strategic region in which Italy, as a regional player and as a member of the European Union, cannot fail to play.

The course aims at analysing the challenges that Italy faces today in foreign policy, with a focus on international issues that constitute important key areas of engagement and require commitments from the international community, multilateral organizations and that affect the international projection of our country in the coming years. It integrates the theoretical and analytical tools of International Relations with the critical sensitivity of area studies. Economic and political scenarios, relations with global actors, factors of development and geopolitical change will also be analysed.

The course will be held from July 20-21, 2021 in Italian. For further information and details please refer to the Italian version.