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La politica estera migratoria dell’Italia. Tendenze recenti e questioni aperte

29/01/2024, Hybrid event

This seminar, organised by FIERI in cooperation with IAI, aims to analyze the most recent trends in Italian foreign migration policy , distinguishing between actual innovations and long-lasting constants.

The management of irregular migratory flows at the borders of Western countries will continue to be one of the thorniest political challenges for decades to come. Difficult to reconcile interests and values are at stake: the life and fundamental rights of migrants and the right to asylum on the one hand, border security , together with the attempt to prevent unwanted entry, on the other.

As the European country most exposed to arrivals by sea, Italy and its policy choices are heavily discussed in international debates.

The rapidity of regional developments, the continuation of emergency policies, and a high level of polarization and ideology of public discussion make the debate in this field as necessary as it is urgent.