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La minaccia nordcoreana e noi. Il ruolo dell'Italia e dell'Europa.

09/02/2018, Rome

On the opening day of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchan, already renown in Seoul as the ‘Peace Games’, the Istituto Affari Internazionali is hosting a meeting to reassess the current state of affairs in the inter-Korean relations and to explore the possible role for the European Union within the Washington-Pyongyang confrontation.

Panelists will include Professor Antonio Fiori, from the University of Bologna, who will present his latest book “Enigma Corea del Nord” (North Korean Dilemma), Francesca Sforza, Foreign Affairs Editor-in-Chief at La Stampa, Riccardo Alcaro, Research Coordinator and Head of the Global Actors Program (IAI), Lorenzo Mariani, Research Fellow on Asia (IAI).

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