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La collaborazione italo-inglese nella Difesa e Sicurezza dopo la Brexit

25/01/2021, Webinar

The 2020 deal reached by EU and UK on their trade relations puts an end to the Brexit process. In the new reality much has to be done in order to preserve and develop the fruitful cooperation built over decades in the defence and international security fields.
In all these years the cooperation between Italy and the UK has strengthened bilateral and multilateral relations on the transatlantic and European level. In addition to military cooperation, from Western Balkans to Afghanistan and Iraq, important development and acquisition programs in the aeronautics and missile fields have been carried out together. Moreover, there have been some positive experiences of industrial integration, leading to transnational companies able to better compete on the international market. Also concerning fifth generation aircraft, Rome and London have shared the same choice of collaboration with the United States and today they have decided to share, together with Sweden, a new development program for the Tempest sixth generation aircraft. The United Kingdom therefore remains an important European player even after leaving the European Union and, in this context, an important partner for Italy.
The webinar will discuss the current and future cooperation between Rome and London, by taking into account the implications of the EU-UK deal as well as the specificities of the defence and security sector.