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Italia-Iraq: dal Comando NATO alle sfide di stabilizzazione

08/03/2022, Webinar

The Middle East continues to face overlapping challenges due to internal fragilities, ranging from fraying social contracts, mounting socio-economic grievances and increased authoritarian tendencies, as well as the continuation of interstate rivalries that, alongside the legacy of foreign interventionism, have created considerable instability across the region. Iraq is particularly exposed to many of these crises, located at the centre of geopolitical clashes between various conflicting axes, but also undertaking multiple efforts to foster intra-regional dialogue and de-escalation. In the midst of a challenging political crisis and repeated foreign meddling in Iraq, Italy will soon assume the command of the NATO mission in the country, as the US continues with its redeployments from the region.

The webinar will be an opportunity to discuss these and other issues regarding bilateral relations between Italy and Iraq, as well as the risks and opportunities associated with Italy's growing role in the country. It will also provide a reflection on the major challenges ahead, including concerns over the continuing threat of ISIS in Iraq and the uncertainties around the ongoing negotiations in Vienna on the JCPOA, or Iran nuclear deal, which will certainly have implications for Iraq.


Wecome remarks
Ferdinando Nelli Feroci, President, IAI

Keynote speech
Maurizio Greganti, Ambassador of Italy to Iraq

Maria Luisa Fantappiè, Special Adviser, Middle East and North Africa region, Center for humanitarian dialogue

Andrea Dessì, Head of the Italian foreign policy Programme; Senior Fellow, Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa Programme, IAI