Intercultural Trends in the Mediterranean

23/06/2017, Rome
Intercultural Trends in the Mediterranean

The Anna Lindh Foundation / Ipsos-MORI Polling Results on 2017 Intercultural Trends in the Euro-Mediterranean region

The INTERCULTURAL TRENDS REPORT of the Anna Lindh Foundation is a landmark study on cross-cultural trends and social change across Europe and the southern Mediterranean. The Trends Survey, entering its third edition this year, is based on a unique public opinion survey carried out in 2016 with citizens on both sides of the Mediterranean, as an instrument for measuring trends in cultural relations and triggering action for change at the policy level of regional cooperation. The survey, commissioned by the ALF and carried out by Ipsos-MORI, was conducted in eight European countries (Austria, Croatia, Finland, France, Italy, Poland, Portugal and the Netherlands) and five Southern Mediterranean (SEM) countries/territories (Algeria, Israel, Jordan, Palestine and Tunisia).

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