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I think tank in tempi di crisi: quale ruolo nell'era digitale?

29/01/2021, Webinar

The Covid-19 emergency has once again demonstrated how, at times of crisis, access to good quality information is a determining factor for combating the spread of fake news and of dangerously distorted representations of reality, as well as for developing policies aimed at managing the crisis itself.
The availability of accurate information and analysis, including through digital tools, therefore becomes fundamental for democratic institutions and for the community in general. What role can think tanks play in this context and with what tools? How can they reach the wider public and fight disinformation?
IAI and ISPI discuss these issues in a joint event organised in the framework of the "Why Think Tanks Matter Forum", an initiative that takes place simultaneously in 125 cities around the world, promoted by the Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program (TTCSP) of the Lauder Institute (University of Pennsylvania).


Giorgia Abeltino, Google
Carlo Corazza, European Parliament
Jean-Pierre Darnis, IAI
Piero Fassino, Chamber of Deputies of the Italian Parliament
Antonio Villafranca, ISPI

Francesca Sforza, La Stampa