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I modelli di Europa e Stati Uniti per gestire le crisi bancarie

07/11/2018, Rome

The global financial crisis triggered substantial changes in the US and the European bank resolution frameworks, aiming at enhancing financial stability, making the financial system more resilient and reducing the taxpayer involvement in case of crises. An important component is that of the rules and instruments for the resolution of banking crises. With respect to this, the solutions adopted by the European and the US legislator differ in some non secondary aspects. The analysis of these differences is of great importance at a time in which Europe is discussing how to strengthen the role of the European Stability Mechanism in the resolution of banking crises.

The seminar organized by IAI intends to contribute to this debate through a panel discussion chaired by IAI scientific advisor Franco Passacantando. Silvia Merler, affiliate Fellow at Bruegel, will present her paper “Verities of Banking Union: resolution regimes and backstops in Europe and the US”. Alessandra De Aldisio e Sebastiano Laviola, Bank of Italy, will offer further elements of analysis and suggestions on the issue.