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The Future of Eastern Mediterranean Gas

21/11/2016, Nicosia

Conference organized in cooperation with the PRIO Cyprus Centre, the Atlantic Council, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Cyprus, and Strata Insight

Featuring speakers who are prominent experts on the energy industry as well as the region, the event will provide a platform for discussion of the developments of energy in the Eastern Mediterranean with a view to assessing the outlook for the Eastern Mediterranean’s fledgling offshore hydrocarbons industry. Thus, it will look at the local as well as the global realities and trends with relevance to the field of energy, particularly in terms of supplies, supply security, markets, demand trends, prices, availability of financing for projects, new technologies, but also of geopolitical factors and risks. The aim is to discuss how these have so far influenced offshore gas field development in the Eastern Mediterranean, and how they will do so in the future.