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Fuori dal Tunnel

27/09/2023, Rome, Istituto Affari Internazionali - ore 17.30

The financial crisis, the migration crisis, the national-populist wave, the pandemic, the war and the energy crisis. Italy and Europe appear to be increasingly crushed by a chain of emergencies linked by a double thread and by the most devastating one of all, the climate crisis, so dramatic that we are tempted to ignore it, but which will mark our lives and especially those of our children. With one fire extinguished, we rush to contain the next fire, often adopting mutually contradictory solutions. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought the issue of energetic security back to the forefront, with the risk of sidelining the ecological transition, a cornerstone pillar of the European Green Deal. But, as Nathalie Tocci explains in these pages, it is precisely by reconciling security and energy transition that the European Union is relaunching the integration process after nearly two decades of stagnation. The transition will be there and it will not be the last, it is just more complex and requires a strategic vision that takes into account both the social and the economic impact and that considers the geopolitical consequences: domestically (the risk of growing inequalities with impact on populisms in Europe), regionally (in the Mediterranean, especially with neighboring countries in North Africa), and planetarily (with tensions between the US and China bound to increase). A "mission possible" thanks to which Italy can once again become an international player and Europe emerge strengthened.