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From Findings to Market - Perspectives and Challenges for the Development of Gas Resources in the East Med

01/07/2019, Nicosia, Cyprus

The recent gas discoveries that occurred off the coasts of Cyprus and Egypt confirm the relevant energy potential of the East Med region. Despite these positive events and the growing political and industrial interest of regional dynamics, the exploitation of these resources remains under question. In fact, commercial constraints as well as geopolitical tensions, still hinder the transformation of the East Med from a reserve-rich area to an export region. What are the main steps to be undertaken to allow this to occur? What are the local, regional, and global factors that can speed up these dynamics and boost the energy role of the East Med? How can the European Union and its member states promote greater cooperation in the region? What are the options to constructively engage Turkey, a key actor in the area, into the energy picture?

Workshop organised within the framework of the project Global Turkey in Europe.

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