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EU elections and the future of Europe: A conversation with Anna Lührmann, German State Minister for Europe

13/02/2024, Istituto Affari Internazionali - h.17:00

2024 is a crucial year for the European Union. EU citizens will elect their representatives to the European Parliament (EP) amidst unprecedented international crises and internal challenges. At the same time, expectations on the EU to deliver have never been so high. Within the new institutional cycle, Europeans will be called to address a number of key issues, including how to implement EU institutional reforms and enlargements, the way forward of some of EU’s main policies as well as on a new multiannual budget to enhance European common ambitions.

Against this backdrop, a group of experts and students will have the opportunity to converse with the German State Minister for Europe, Anna Lührmann. The conversation will focus on the next EP elections and the main challenges and opportunities for the future of Europe.