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Energy Trends and Opportunities: Mediterranean Perspectives

13/04/2018, Nicosia

On April 13, the UN Buffer Zone in Cyprus hosted an international conference on energy trends in the Mediterranean basin. The meeting was organized by the IAI and PRIO in the context of the New-Med initiative. The latter is a public-private partnership effort to promote Track II dialogue on a number of security and co-operation issues in the Mediterranean, including policy areas addressed by the OSCE in the context of its Mediterranean Partnership. The conference came on the heels of OSCE Mediterranean Contact Group meetings on “Energy security in times of economic and political uncertainty - looking green at the future of the Mediterranean“ (Vienna, 12 June 2017) and “Energy Security / Critical Energy Infrastructure Security”, (Vienna, 19 March 2018), in line with the priorities of Italy and Slovakia respectively as the Chairs of 2017 and 2018 Mediterranean Contact Groups.

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