Developing Anti-Corruption strategies for the digital age recent trends and best practices in the Osce area

12/11/2018 - 13/11/2018, Rome
Strategie per prevenire ed eliminare la corruzione nell’era digitale


In several key documents the OSCE has called for the adoption of comprehensive and long term anti-corruption strategies, emphasizing that corruption threatens a number of its fundamental principles and values, as it undermines the rule of law, hinders economic development and fuels various forms of crime, including transnational crime. Support for anti-corruption measures at various levels – national, regional and international – has increasingly become an integral part of the OSCE comprehensive approach to security which integrates the economic and human dimensions. The Organization has in particular undertaken several initiatives to promote an informed debate among governmental officials, experts and stakeholders about the most effective tools and measures to prevent and suppress corruption.

The Conference contributed to this effort, by examining most recent developments in the anti-corruption policies, identifying their shortcomings and potentialities and putting forward a set of policy suggestions. The event was divided into an opening session devoted to a broad discussion of the state and prospects of anti-corruption strategies at the national and international level and four thematic sessions.