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Deglobalizzazione e autonomia strategica europea: quali prospettive per il rilancio della cooperazione economica nel Mediterraneo

15/11/2022, Webinar

The pandemic crisis and the geopolitical implications of the Russian invasion of Ukraine are acting as potential accelerators of ongoing transformations in the economic and political international order. Global value chains vulnerabilities revamped the debate on the future of globalisation and the potential efficacy of reshoaring or friendshoring processes.

The resurgence of geopolitics as a founding criterion in economic policy decision-making may encourage the regional dimension of production and trade. The potential restructuring of the position of Italy and the EU within the international production networks may favour the revitalisation of economic cooperation in the Mediterranean.

The event is promoted by IAI in the framework of the strategic partnership with Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo. It aims at presenting the publication titled “Euro–Mediterranean Economic Cooperation in the Age of Deglobalisation” and exploring the future of the economic integration process in the Mediterranean.

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