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Connectivity, Value Chains and The Green Transition: Promoting Multilateralism and Sustainable Growth Across the Shared Mediterranean Space

02/11/2022, Rabat


Faced with the compounding challenges of post-Covid recovery and supply chain disruptions, the green energy transition and the global implications of the Ukraine conflict, trade and connectivity across the Mediterranean is assuming even greater importance in policy circles. From renewable energy and food security, new industrial and agricultural practices, manufacturing value chains and electricity connectors, the Euro-Mediterranean space is rife with opportunities for enhanced integration. Against this backdrop, the New Med Research Network run by the Rome-based Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), and the Policy Center for the New South are pleased to announce an international conference in Rabat, Morocco to address the impact of these global disruptions on the potential to re-launch effective multilateral cooperation across the shared Mediterranean space.

The event will be an opportunity to reflect on the new and pre-existing challenges constraining Mediterranean Basin states from embracing the full potential of multilateral cooperation and propose sustainable pathways to enhance trade and connectivity across the shared Mediterranean space. Structured around a key-note speech and two expert panels with the participation of researchers, practitioners and policymakers, the conference will assess the present state of trade and connectivity between North Africa and Europe, taking stock of the impact of Covid-19, the green energy transition and Russia’s war on Ukraine on the potential to engender more sustainable forms of multilateral cooperation, sustainable growth and integration among Mediterranean Basin states.

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