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Between Power and Rules: The Geopolitics of TTIP

18/01/2016, Rome

International seminar in cooperation with the Centre for European Reform (CER), London

The TTIP talks are surrounded by controversy. Concerns about investment arbitration, transparency, sovereignty and environmental standards have fuelled public opposition to the transatlantic trade talks. But missing in the debate about TTIP thus far is a fair consideration of the foreign policy and strategic impact of the trade talks: What is TTIP's strategic merit? How will it affect third countries? And what happens if a deal does not materialise?

IAI and CER join forces to organise this half-day event on the strategic dimension of TTIP. Instead of discussing the expected economic outcomes of a trade deal, the focus of this event lies on understanding how TTIP may impact the multilateral trade system, third countries, the overall state of the transatlantic relationship and other areas.

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