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Artico: il nuovo “grande gioco” mondiale

03/10/2022, Hybrid event

In the world, the Arctic is one of the regions where the effects of climate change are most evident. However, it also offers huge resources, new routes and it is at the center of a growing competition on a strategic-military level. What are the risks of the Arctic race in a time marked by the war in Ukraine? What are the environmental risks due to a melting Arctic? What are the commercial and energy opportunities?

The conference, organized for the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Alpine Corps, will develop around these themes. It will host representatives from institutions, businesses, the world of research and the media.

The meeting - organized by the Army Staff - Alpine Troops Command, IAI and ISPI - will be held at Castel Mareccio in Bolzano, and it will be streamed on our website and Facebook page.