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Addressing Transnational Environmental Crime: a Multilevel Approach

06/12/2018, Milan

The roundtable brought to the table representatives of international organizations, national authorities and NGOs that discussed the social, economic, political and security implications of cross-border environmental crimes from different sectoral perspectives. The final goal was identify potential options and put forward policy suggestions to enhance the action of different actors against the environmental crime challenge.

Accompanying the roundtable, the visual exhibition contributed to the debate by illustrating what environmental crimes can truly appear on the hit territories, and how profoundly can they endanger (if not permanently destroy) the environment, the landscape and the life of the communities affected by them.

The stories found on the field were selected to show how the scope of environmental crimes has expanded in recent years, but also to emphasize how different locations can be equally affected by them. The pristine coastlines of Sardinia and the primeval mountains of Albania are more similar than what meets the eye: they are both endangered by crimes committed by men against the environment.

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