New IAI research projects

09 April 2015


IAI confirmed as the leading institute in Italy on security & defence research


The IAI has recently won five important calls by EU institutions on security and defence topics, three issued by the European Defence Agency (EDA) and two by the European Commission. In particular, for two framework contracts the IAI is the coordinator of a team of European think tanks and universities on four-year projects.

In the first case, the Institute leads a consortium including 19 researchers from think tanks based in France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Sweden and the United Kingdom, charged with providing the EDA with constant analysis of EU countries’ military capabilities and related trends.

In the second case, the consortium led by IAI is part of a shortlist, that includes other consortia, entitled to compete for subsequent EDA calls to provide timely studies and briefs on various aspect of the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base (EDTIB). The Institute coordinates 29 researchers from 11 European think tanks and universities.

The IAI is thus confirmed as the leading institute in Italy when it comes to European research on security and defence issues. These results have been obtained thanks to the decade-long experience of the IAI’s Security and Defence Programme with EU calls, from the Sixth Framework Programme to Horizon 2020, as well as with research projects for the EDA, European Parliament, European Space Agency, NATO, and Italian public and private actors. This experience has led to the gradual build-up of a Security and Defence team that now includes 10 in house researchers – plus two further research assistants currently being selected.