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IAI's New Face - The Istituto Affari internazionali renovates its structure and staff

31 May 2017

Under the leadership of its new director, Nathalie Tocci, IAI has undertaken a renewal, reorganizing its structures and rejuvenating its staff, while maintaining European integration as it beacon and with unflagging attention to the integrity of research. At the meeting of the Executive Committee on the 31 May, the Director illustrated the Institute’s new strategic objectives and announced new appointments. The International Affairs Institute, founded by Altiero Spinelli more than 50 years ago, is equipping itself to deal with an international environment evolving rapidly on all fronts – political, economic, social and communications – with enthusiasm and competence.

The strategic goals are:

- a younger and more ‘equal’ IAI, reflecting the generational turnover and gender balance
- a more cohesive IAI, with synergy between research programmes and between research and support staff
- a more communicative IAI, which strategically strengthens the tools it already has and explores new forms of communication.

In order to reach them, Director Nathalie Tocci has appointed:N.Tocci

F.DiCamillo A deputy director: Federica Di Camillo, with broad powers to strengthen the relationship between research and support staff
R.Alcaro A research coordinator: Riccardo Alcaro, mandated with promoting research projects that cut across programmes
N.Pirozzi An institutional relations manager, Nicoletta Pirozzi, responsible for institutional affairs

In addition, eight programmes – and respective heads – have been established, four geographical and four thematic, which may work together on various projects:
N.Pirozzi EU, politics and institutions
Nicoletta Pirozzi
R.Alcaro Global actors (USA, Asia, Africa and Latin America)
Riccardo Alcaro
N.Mikhelidze Eastern Europe and Eurasia
Nona Mikhelidze
Mediterranean and Middle East
Silvia Colombo
Security, defence, space
Jean-Pierre Darnis
Energy, climate and resources
Nicolò Sartori
Multilateralism and global governance and
Italian foreign policy
Ettore Greco

Finally, the renewal also involved IAI publications with new heads for journals and series:
D.HuberG.Tonne The International Spectator
Daniela Huber and Gabriele Tonne
L.Kamel IAI Research Papers and Quaderni IAI
Lorenzo Kamel
R.Alcaro IAI Working Papers
Riccardo Alcaro
A.Marrone Doc IAI
Alessandro Marrone
A.Dessi IAI Commentaries
Andrea Dessì
G.GramagliaS.Silvestri AffarInternazionali:
Giampiero Gramaglia, managing director
Stefano Silvestri, editorial director

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