Women and multiculturalism in Turkey and Italy

As part of the 2009 Italian-Turkish Forum focused on intercultural dialogue, UniCredit Group decided to develop a survey on the mutual perceptions of public opinion in Italy and Turkey. The survey was conducted by TNS, a leading polling organization. The goal was to unveil misperceptions and stereotypes so as to identify areas in which more work is needed to reduce cultural barriers between the two countries.

Documento preparato nell'ambito del sesto Forum di dialogo italo-turco, Istanbul, 18-19 novembre 2009.

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in Italy and Turkey: opportunities for cultural dialogue, joint proposals for action in civil society, Rapporto del VI Turkish-Italian Forum, Istanbul, 18-19 novembre, 2009, p. 6-11
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Strengthening the dialogue between the two cultures
The image of the other
The condition of women and multiculturalism
Sources of information and attitudes towards the future
Turkey and the European Union

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