The Twenty G-7 Summits

The Group of the Seven most industrialized countries in the world, which goes by the name ofG-7, is now twenty years old. In a way, it enters the annals of History. On the occasion of G-7's twentieth anniversary the Adnkronos Libri Publisher, in collaboration with the lAI (Istituto Affari Internazionali), has decided to publish this book in the hope that it will serve both short and long-term purposes. For the short-term, it seeks to provide all the participants in the summit in Naples with a timely and updated source of information which will assist them in the proceedings of the conference. Moreover, in the long-term, the publisher hopes that this volume will become a durable and useful reference book for those readers who are involved, whether professionally or not, in politics, economics, information. To this end, the second section of the volume, containing the complete collection of the G-7 Official Declarations, arranged in chronological order, is preceded by an essay which offers a comparative survey going through the main issues subsequently dealt with in the summit conferences; additionally, it outlines the topical problems hanging over the future of the Naples summit. The book also includes a short study where the G-7 conferences are reviewed in their historical contexts, from Rambouillet to the immediate present.

Volume pubblicato da Adnkronos Libri in collaborazione con l'Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI) in occasione del ventesimo vertice del G-7, Napoli, 8-10 luglio 1994.

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Roma, Adnkronos Libri, giugno 1994, 251 p. (Periscopio)
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Publisher's Note, p. 7

Part I. The Issues, the Leaders, the History
The G-7 Summits: between Continuity and Change, Guido Garavoglia, p. 11-28
Issues and Summits, p. 29-31
The Protagonists of the 1994 Naples Summit, 32-37
The G-7 Summit. A Short History, Carlo Bassi, p. 39-53
The Summits Political Leaders, p. 54-55

Part II. Documents: G-7 Summits Declarations, p. 59-251
Rambouillet, 1975
San Juan, 1976
London, 1977
Bonn, 1978
Tokyo, 1979
Venice, 1960
Ottawa, 1981
Versailles, 1982
Williamsburg, 1983
London, 1984
Bonn, 1985
Tokyo, 1986
Venice, 1987
Toronto, 1988
Paris, 1989
Houston, 1990
London, 1991
Munich, 1992
Tokyo, 1993

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