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Transatlantic Trade. USA-EEC Confrontation in the GATT Negotiations


An authoritative study of international trade covering the period from the introduction of the Trade Expansion Act 1962 through the various phases of the Kennedy Round up to the current resurgence of new-protectionism and the impending 'Nixon Round' of negotiations scheduled for late 1973. Professor Casadio, a leading authority in this field, gives a complete analysis of the principal problems involved in constructing an equitable world trade policy. The author outlines various special requirements of each participating country in the Kennedy Round of negotiations: the attempt to harmonise tariffs, the special cases of agricultural markets, East-West trade, the Third World, European interests and the emergence of neo-protectionism. He concludes with an account of the reappraisal of trade relations now being undertaken and the hints of a more favourable attitude on the part of the USA, while emphasising the troubled background overshadowing such developments. Prominent amongst these problems he places the world slow-down in economic growth, increased inflation, disputes over international monetary policy, and concern with mounting US balance of payments deficit which has resulted in the recent readjustment of the dollar value which is here fully discussed. Professor Casadio's study constitutes an important contribution to the clearer understanding of the realities as well as the legalities of international trade exchanges.

Traduzione di Commercio attraverso l'Atlantico. Dal Kennedy Round al neoprotezionismo, Bologna, Il mulino, 1971 (Collana dello spettatore internazionale ; 15). Abstract pubblicato come "Trade Across the Atlantic: From the Kennedy Round to Neo-Protectionism" in The International Spectator, Vol. 7, No. 1 (January-March 1972), p. 3-22.

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