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Towards and Beyond a Final Nuclear Deal with Iran


World powers and Iran are on the cusp of reaching a final nuclear deal after more than a decade of negotiations. The extent of details divulged in Lausanne regarding the parameters for a comprehensive nuclear deal suggests that negotiators have overcome an impasse in the talks. But technical and political challenges remain before the deal can be sealed and delivered. In particular, an obstructionist stance from the US Congress could severely undermine the ability of the West to fulfill its obligation under a final deal. Europeans have a strategic interest in reaching a deal which addresses their non-proliferation concerns on Iran. Given its proximity to the Middle East, Europe also has a necessity to move the current détente with Iran forward beyond a nuclear-centric discourse to focus on de-escalation in the region. Europe should utilise its political space to keep up the momentum behind the nuclear talks, push all sides to the finishing line and safeguard the détente process with Iran thereafter.

Keywords: Iran, nuclear deal, Europe, region