Southern European Security in the 1990s

In the aftermath of the Gulf War, with debates still raging about the so-called "New World Order", little attention has been given to the countries of Southern Europe. In the current East-West climate of cooperation rather than confrontation, the focus of international security concerns will inevitably shift to other spheres. One major focus of concern will be to North-South circles, and the countries of Southern Europe which are located in the midst of one of the most troubled North-South frontiers. This timely volume brings together experts from all the countries concerned, to assess the issues facing the region in the 1990s. One scenario presented is that the West's current preoccupation with Eastern Europe will lead to the marginalisation of the Southern European region. From a western viewpoint, this perspective cannot be ignored; firstly, because the Gulf War and continuing repercussions of crisis in the Middle East, have led to renewed strategic concerns about the Eastern Mediterranean, but secondly and most crucially, because the security of the Southern European region is vital to the cohesion of the European Community as a whole.

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London/New York, Pinter, giugno 1992, xi, 147 p.
1-85567-023-2 ; 978-1-85567-023-5
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Foreword, William Wallace, p. x-xi
Acknowledgements, p. xii

1. Southern European security: perceptions and problems, Roberto Aliboni, p. 1-14
2. The shaping of a subregional identity, Álvaro de Vasconcelos, p. 15-27
3. European political cooperation and the pursuit of security: towards a southern position?, Thanos Veremis, p. 28-39
4. France, the Mediterranean and Southern European security, Christophe Carle, p. 40-51
5. Southern Europe between detente and new threats: the view from Greece, Yannis G. Valinakis, p. 52-68
6. Continuity and change in Italy's security policy, Ettore Greco and Laura Guazzone, p. 69-85
7. The Portuguese national security policy, Herminio Santos, p. 86-98
8. The end of the reluctant partner: Spain and Western security in the 1990s, Fernando Rodrigo, p. 99-116
9. Prospects for Southern European security: a Turkish perspective, Duygu Bazoğlu Sezer, p. 117-135

References, p. 136-142
Index, p. 143-147

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